3 Popular Historical Fiction E-Books At The White Oak Library

On a warm summer afternoon, curl up with a great read that’s both entertaining and educational. Historical fiction brings history to life with great characters in richly-detailed settings. Here are three novels that you can enjoy while relaxing at home in our Romeoville apartments. They are all available for download from the local White Oak Library.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Explore nineteenth-century China through the connection between two Chinese women who have been close friends since childhood. As they grow up and experience the hardships of foot binding, arranged marriages, and motherhood, Snow Flower and Lily offer each solace. But what will happen to this moving friendship when a misunderstanding tears the two women apart? Lisa See’s Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is a riveting period drama that spans 80 years of Chinese history.

My Brilliant Friend

This critically acclaimed novel by Elena Ferrante is about two childhood best friends. It paints a vivid picture of Naples, Italy in the 1950s and beyond. My Brilliant Friend is the first volume of an epic saga about the unpredictable Lila and her timid, devoted friend Elena. After the girls grow up together in an impoverished but colorful neighborhood, their lives remain powerfully intertwined for decades to follow.


Ian McEwan’s brilliant period drama takes place over three eras of British history. When an upper-class girl misunderstands the relationship between her older sister and a lower class friend, she sets into motion events that will deeply affect all their lives. Atonement follows the ramifications of this childhood mistake over more than 70 years and encompasses many of the major events of the Second World War.

Living in Romeoville, you’ll have easy access to everything from great books from the White Oak Library to delicious Mexican food. To learn more about our community at the HighPoint Apartments, contact us today.

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