Visit Ats-A-Nice-Pizza, A Great Place To Get A Nice Pizza

Chicago Style Deep Dish Cheese Pizza with Tomato Sauce At Ats-A-Nice-Pizza.

When you tuck into a slice of pizza at Ats-a-Nice Pizza, you’re not just eating run-of-the-mill pizza. Instead, you’re partaking in a sublime gastronomic experience that’ll inspire you to return for more.

About Ats-A-Nice-Pizza

Paul Heatherington and Bill Grace opened the doors of their pizza parlor in 1988. Back then, the restaurant had a different name: Turnabout Pizza. Paul and Bill decided that they liked the sound of “Ats-A-Nice-Pizza” and that’s what the restaurant has been called since. The two friends also expanded the regular menu to include salads, pasta, sandwiches, and appetizers. In 2001, the shop increased its floor space when the pet shop next door closed.

The Menu At Ats-A-Nice-Pizza

The pizza selections, of course, run the gamut, from traditional cheese to meat lovers’. You can also select a thin or deep dish crust.

However, pizza isn’t all that’s offered. There’s a wide range of food items to choose from, such as meat sandwiches (with all the fixings), a delicious range of pasta dishes, barbecued wings, green salads, and stuffed calzones.

If you’re new to this restaurant, try the “Combo Platter” for starters. It includes fried breaded mushrooms, mozzarella sticks, and breaded zucchini. You may also like the shrimp & fries basket. Fans of barbecued chicken wings will be happy to know that Ats-A-Nice-Pizza has a great selection of accompanying custom sauces, such as teriyaki, garlic parmesan, sweet chili, and classic buffalo. Of course, if you’re a pasta fan, you won’t want to miss the Mostaccioli Atsa-Chicken (pasta with chicken tenders, melted mozzarella, and signature homemade red sauce), flat noodles & sausage, or salmon linguine alfredo.

The Amenities At Ats-A-Nice-Pizza

Ats-A-Nice-Pizza has a private banquet room for special gatherings, and your menu can be customized to fit the demands of the occasion. Catering services are also available. Ats-a-Nice Pizza even offers discount coupons on its website.

As can be seen, you can get amazing pizza right here in Romeoville.

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