Explore Chicago’s Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art Online

Founded in 1971, Chicago’s Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art “preserves contemporary art as a shared expression of the Ukrainian/American experience.” It’s known for exhibits of paintings, sculptures, and more, and the permanent collection has grown to include the works of some of Ukraine’s most notable artists. Today, the museum is offering access to its permanent collection online, so art enthusiasts can explore from home. Here are a few of the artists you can discover from the comfort of our apartments in Romeoville.

Alexis Gritchenko

Born in 1883, Alexis Gritchenko emigrated to Paris in 1921. He found early success in his art career when he sold fourteen works to a millionaire from Pennsylvania two years later. Alexis was well-traveled as well as prolific. His pieces in the museum’s permanent collection reflect the landscapes of his trips to Turkey, Greece, and the surrounding areas.

Aka Pereyma

Aka Pereyma moved to Ukraine from Poland at thirteen. She came to the United States in 1950 and later spent two years studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Aka drew inspiration from Ukrainian folklore and folk art. Many of her pieces include embroidery, and she worked in an array of mediums, from collages to metal sculptures.

Wasyl Kacurovsky

Wasyl Kacurovsky was born in North Dakota to a Ukrainian family. He became interested in art and photography at a young age. Self-taught, he enjoyed oil painting and mixed media as well as blending various textural and color combinations. Wasyl traveled extensively to learn about modern art, and he became a part of Chicago’s art scene after moving to the city in 1953.

After your virtual tour of Chicago’s Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, explore the outdoors at the Lake Renwick Preserve. You’ll find towering trees, plentiful wildlife, and much more.

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