Try Thaiway On Your Next Night Out

If you find yourself eating the same food for dinner while your taste buds are begging for something new, perhaps it time to enjoy a meal at Thaiway, a restaurant serving authentic Thai cuisine just minutes from your Highpoint apartment in Romeoville. If you have tried Thai food before, you will find there many classics, as well as specialties of this particular restaurant to try out. If it is your first time, be careful as you may find yourself addicted to the aromatic and flavorful dishes laid before your eyes.

Located on 465 N Weber Road, Thaiway offers a great selection of food for a variety of tastes. First timers to the cuisine should definitely tryf pad thai, a staple of any Thai restaurants. The dish is made up of stir-fried noodles, eggs, vegetables (usually bean sprouts), roasted peanuts, and your choice of protein (usually chicken, beefs, shrimp, or tofu). Other favorites you can find at Thaiway include pad see ew, tom yum and tom kha soup, drunken noodles, pad woon sen, fried rice, and more.

Thaiway also offers you the chance to try dishes from other countries. If you are up for it, you can order Vietnamese rolls or pho, which is a bowl of noodle soup with vegetables and meat. Or why not check out Chinese-inspired dishes, such as lo mein and crab rangoon?

Thaiway is known among its clientele for excellent customer service. Because the restaurant is a family-owned establishment, you will find friendly and attentive staff even during a busy lunch rush or weekend. They can help you pick out something to order if the menu is too overwhelming or address any concerns that may arise during your visit.

Thaiway is open until 9:00 PM throughout the week. Give it a try today and find out for yourself why this is considered one of the best hidden gems of Romeoville.

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