3 Great Travel Books From the White Oak Library District

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If you’d like to take a journey to exotic lands without leaving home, the White Oak Library District offers the latest armchair travel reads.

The captivating stories will take you to exciting locations like Costa Rica and Antarctica. If you’re game, here are three books you can curl up with at our apartments in Romeoville.

The Adventurer’s Son: A Memoir

A bestseller, The Adventurer’s Son tells the remarkable tale of Roman Dial and his two-year quest to discover his son’s fate. In July 2014, Roman’s son Cody set off to explore Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park. Thronged by miners, poachers, and drug smugglers at various times, the park isn’t for the faint of heart. Cody knew the hike was not without risk. When his return date passed, his father Roman made his own trek through the park. Follow along as the older man interviews locals, searches for clues, and even questions his own role in his son’s disappearance.

Trespassing Across America

What started as a farfetched idea soon became a reality. Unable to resist the adventure, Ken Ilgunas left home to hike 1,700 miles along the proposed path of the Keystone XL pipeline. He trekked through private properties from the Alberta tar sands to the Gulf Coast of Texas. Trespassing Across America keeps readers entertained with its colorful cast of characters, unusual weather events, and strange animal encounters.

The Impossible First: From Fire to Ice — Crossing Antarctica Alone

Deeply moving, The Impossible First follows Collin O’Brady as he recovers from a tragic accident during his incredible solo crossing of Antarctica.  Before December 2018, no one had ever crossed Antarctica’s landmass alone without support. But, Collin determined to do just that. For nearly two months, he battled sub-zero temperatures, whiteouts, and a series of near disasters. Read on to find out how he clinched success from the jaws of tragedy.

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