The Isle a la Cache

While the beautiful Century Park, located next door to our Romeoville Apartments, makes a great place for a picnic or to play ball, the apartments at HighPoint are in close proximity to a number of places that provide fun and culturally enriching experiences.

One of the staple cultural attractions of the Romeoville area is The Isle a la Cache Museum, located a quick 10 minute drive from the apartments at HighPoint. The museum hosts visits for school groups and youth groups all over Chicagoland, as well as residents who want to learn more about “Illinois Country” in the 18th century. It’s history goes back to when the land was inhabited by French voyageurs and the Native American Potawatomi tribe.

The museum features a replica Native American longhouse as well as a number of exhibits that explore the deep complexities of the 1700’s fur trade. This event dominated economic life during the time and had a huge impact on its residents.  

Along with the numerous outdoor activities in the surrounding Isle a la Cache preserve, such as camping, biking, snowshoeing and geocaching, the museum also hosts talks and lectures, writers workshops and readings, holiday celebrations and their Busy Beavers Craft Club for children 15 years or younger. Not to be missed are the monthly Living History Demonstrations, when a full reenactment staff populates the museum: from voyageurs and Native Americans to craftsmen such as cooks, seamstresses and musket shooters. They all share their knowledge of life in the 18th century! It is a wonderful and educational experience for anyone moving to Romeoville, IL.

Please contact us to learn more about the entertainment and cultural life of the Romeoville area.

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