Remember The Blues Brothers At Old Joliet Prison

Old Joliet Prison as it looks today.

Do you remember the Blues Brothers, the blues and soul band? Two comedians, John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, premiered the whimsical band on Saturday Night Live in 1978. Belushi played lead vocalist “Joliet” Jake Blues, while Aykroyd played harmonicist Elwood Blues. The two also starred in a Blues Brothers movie in 1980. Part of the […]

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Celebrate National Wine Day in Romeoville

People are celebrating national wine day by joining wine glasses for a toast in the restaurant. Man is smiling in the back view.

Did you know that May 25th is National Wine Day? It’s the perfect excuse to try out some of the best wine bars around Romeoville! Join in the celebration with a glass at one of these local destinations.   Best Places to Enjoy National Wine Day Around Romeoville Cooper’s Hawk Winery Tim McEnery founded Cooper’s […]

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Visit Art Galleries Near Romeoville

Part of colorful abstract painting in acrylic colors

Are you tired of looking at the blank walls in your living room? What about the empty space on your end table? Stop by one of these art galleries near Romeoville! You’ll discover unique works of art that will transform your living space.   Arterie Fine Arts Gallery Nestled in nearby Naperville, the Arterie Fine […]

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