Enjoy a Virtual Tour of Chicago’s Oriental Institute

Founded in 1919, the Oriental Institute is a leading research center featuring artifacts from the ancient Middle East. Once known as the Orient, the Middle East boasts many ancient mysteries that continue to capture the human imagination. Presently, the museum features 350,000 artifacts that highlight the region’s civilizations. The institute’s archaeologists uncovered many of the […]

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3 Romeoville Breweries Offering Delivery Services

A male manager at one of the most popular Romeoville breweries.

Did you know that you can restock your beer and wine selections from the comfort of home with the help of Romeoville breweries? Find the perfect beverage to pair with dinner or select a tasty drink to enjoy during an upcoming Zoom party and order from these local breweries near our Romeoville apartments. Metal Monkey […]

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4 Wellness Podcasts to Help You Feel Your Best

A young woman listening to wellness podcasts.

The best wellness podcasts provide reliable data, practical tips, and excellent inspiration. If you’re ready to get fit, check out four podcasts to stay on track with healthy living. Most importantly, you can enjoy these podcasts in the comfort of your living room at our apartments in Romeoville. Feel Better, Live More Already well-known as […]

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