Experience The Outdoors At Its Best At Volunteer Park

White-crowned sparrow perched on a branch, watching other birds in Volunteer Park.

If you’d like to get out and enjoy nature in winter, look no further than nearby Volunteer Park. This popular local spot is located just minutes from HighPoint Community Apartments.┬áThe park sits on 42 acres of land and has convenient parking, as well. Choose From A Wide Range Of Activities Volunteer Park is loved by […]

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Drop In A Line At Hidden Lakes Historic Trout Farm

Young man fishing on a lake at sunset and enjoying hobby and recreation

Imagine a relaxing afternoon at the lake. You can throw in a line, savor the fresh air, or just take in the luscious scenery. For many, fishing isn’t just a hobby. It’s all about enjoying the quiet stillness of anticipation. Above all, it’s a great stress-reliever. Did you know that a perfect fishing spot awaits […]

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Keep Fit At The Romeoville Park District Near HighPoint Apartments

Whether you like to take long walks or play sports, you can enjoy these activities and more at the Romeoville Park District. Edward Hospital Athletic and Event Center This center welcomes approximately 400,000 visitors every year. The sports complex spans 76,000 square feet, and it offers something for all ages and skill levels as it […]

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