Some Good Old Canine Fun

Your dog looks to you for love, companionship, food, and meals. But even during the dead of winter, you can’t forget exercise! When you live at HighPoint Apartments, your pup can frolic around the luxurious landscape. But to get in some real exercise, and even the chance to make some more four-legged friends, your canine looks to you for a run at the dog park.

Fortunately, you have several spaces like this a short drive away, courtesy of the Forest Preserve District of Will County. Here are two dog parks within the FPDWC that we highly recommend checking out this weekend.

The Forked Creek Preserve Dog Park is a 9-acre area that is set aside for unleashed dogs to run, play, and sniff around. It is part of the larger 790-acre Forked Creek Preserve. This is ideal for all dog owners, but is especially nice for smaller dogs, who have their own designated space to meander around.

Dogs can also enjoy a 8.5-acre fenced off space near the river in the Hammel Woods Preserve, a 445-acre expanse that has a simply beautiful wood forest.

A permit is required to use all the dog parks. It costs $40 for residents and $80 for nonresidents for a year. (Permits are also available for the half year only). Applications for permits can be obtained at the Isle a la Cache Museum in Romeoville or by mailing a downloaded application to the Sugar Creek Administration Center.

Our apartments have excellent amenities and are spacious and well planned. Please contact us for more information.

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