Savor Delicious Comfort Food Near HighPoint Community Apartments

Enjoying the best comfort food near HighPoint Community Apartments.

Chicken noodle soup. Shepherd’s pie. Beef stew. Mac and cheese. These are just a few of the comfort foods we crave during the colder months. Like us, you probably have your own favorite go-to dishes. There’ll be days, however, when the thought of stirring a pot is about as inviting as the prospect of shoveling a mountain of snow. On those days, we suggest heading over to two local restaurants right here in Romeoville. Yes, you can savor delicious comfort food near HighPoint Community Apartments. Café Romeo and White Fence Farm have you covered, whether you crave biscuits and gravy or corn fritters with fried chicken.

Breakfast at Café Romeo

Café Romeo offers some of the best breakfast foods in Romeoville.

The interior is clean and bright. Additionally, the cozy atmosphere and friendly service make for a pleasant dining experience. It’s exactly what anyone needs to start the day right.

The menu offers lunch items, but everyone makes a beeline for the breakfast fare. The biscuits and gravy are divine, and hungry patrons often order steak and eggs on the side. Café Romeo also has a soft spot for pancake lovers: there are 14 pancake variations on the menu. They range from sweet chocolate chip to pumpkin. This popular establishment is also known for its wonderful omelets and eggs Benedict.

Dinner at White Fence Farm

If you’ve had a long day and the idea of someone cooking your dinner sounds good, head over to White Fence Farm.

Robert and Dora Hastert founded White Fence Farm in the early 1920s, and it has since become a local institution. In fact, each room showcases special items from days gone by. The current owners are no longer adding to the collection, but patrons continue to donate items from their private collections. You’ll find antique typewriters, phones, bicycles, and other mementos from the past.

Beyond the homey atmosphere, White Fence Farm is famous for its fried chicken. Locals maintain that the restaurant makes the “world’s greatest chicken.” Each piece of meat is coated in a special breading, thoroughly pressure cooked, and flash fried for 3 minutes. The result is golden, crispy chicken, fit for royalty.

Best of all, you can pair your fried chicken with delicious sides, such as corn fritters, mashed potatoes, and coleslaw.

So, don’t let the winter blues get you down. Head over to Café Romeo and White Fence Farm to satisfy your comfort food cravings. At HighPoint Community Apartments, we appreciate the link between well-being and overall health. Our amenities include an onsite fitness center and a community clubhouse. For more information, contact us to set up a tour today!

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