Pick Up Fresh Produce At Peter Rubi

Are you looking for a place to find fresh, organic produce and groceries? Peter Rubi is a small grocery store in nearby Plainfield, IL. It’s only about a 15-minute drive from HighPoint Apartments and as soon as you walk in and see all of the beautiful, delicious food, you’ll be glad you made the trip.

Peter Rubi is a small, local business. In buying from them, you are supporting the local farmers and small producers that they source their products from. Plus, you have the comfort of knowing where your food is coming from. If you’re trying to eat more organic food or following a specific diet, such as a gluten-free or vegan diet, this is a great place to shop as they specifically stock this style of products with clear, informative labeling.

In addition to plenty of fresh produce, cheeses, and meats, Peter Rubi also offers some basic prepared foods. Their strawberry jicama guacamole has quite a following and customers also love their soup mixes. Their pineapple salsa is delicious too! If you’re not sure how to use an ingredient or what ingredients are best for a dish you’re making, the helpful staff members can provide some guidance.

Peter Rubi is open daily from 9 am – 7 pm. They do accept credit cards and have a private parking lot, along with a bike parking area.

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