The Best Places to Order Orange Chicken Near Romeoville

orange chicken in a takeout container

Orange chicken is one of those wonderful Chinese dishes that you find yourself craving sometimes. If you’re new to Romeoville, you may still be looking for your go-to orange chicken spot. Below, you will find a few contenders within easy reach of HighPoint Apartments. 

Zen House

Zen House is a small Chinese restaurant offering takeout options.  They have a TV in the dining area, so you can watch while you wait for your order to be prepared. Guests enjoy the orange chicken, calling it crispy and saucy. You can order it as a part of a dinner special, which comes with chicken fried rice and a freshly made egg roll. Zen House is located at 1339 Lily Cache Lane in Bolingbrook. They’re open every day except Tuesday.

China House

If you are looking for a Chinese restaurant with cozy seating and a cocktail menu, this is the place. They offer carryout and local delivery. Orange chicken is a popular order at China House. Their version has large pieces of chicken and a really flavorful sauce. They also offer orange beef if you’re in the mood to try something a little different.

Little China

Don’t let the small size of this place fool you. Their dishes have big flavor. Many guests like to order the orange chicken as part of the lunch special, which comes with fried rice and an egg roll. You can also order the chicken a la carte. Little China offers takeout options seven days a week.

The next time you are craving orange chicken near Romeoville, check out one of the restaurants above. You can enjoy a fresh takeout entree while watching a fun movie at home. Contact us if you are looking for an apartment in Romeoville and want to learn more about our apartment community.



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