Enjoy Lunch Specials at Cho Sushi

Sushi roll being dipped into sauce at Cho Sushi.

What could be better than fresh, delicious sushi for lunch? Did you know that a new restaurant called Cho Sushi recently opened near HighPoint Community Apartments? Best of all, this restaurant offers reasonably-priced lunch specials that are perfect for the busy professional. Cho Sushi also offers online ordering, so you can grab your lunch in less than 30 minutes.

About Cho Sushi

Cho Sushi uses only the freshest ingredients to create its mouthwatering dishes. You can order online via its website and follow the progression of your order in real-time. This eliminates the hassle of showing up only to find your order isn’t ready yet.

If you have a little more time to spare, you may want to stick around and enjoy your meal in the restaurant’s dining room. With painted pendant lights and colorful pictures on the walls, the space feels as fresh and lively as the cuisine.

Lunch Specials

Lunchtime draws quite a crowd at Cho Sushi, thanks to its enticing lunch specials. The two-roll lunch special lets you select any two rolls for only $8.95. There’s also a three-roll special for $11.95 as well as a two-roll & four-piece sashimi special for $13.95. Not in the mood for sushi? The restaurant also offers delicious ramen lunch specials, such as beef ramen for only $9.95. In addition, the chicken ramen is priced similarly at $9.95.

Other Menu Items

If you visit later in the day for dinner, you have a whole array of other menu options to choose from. Order sashimi by the piece or enjoy an assortment of hand rolls. There’s also an entire menu section dedicated to special rolls, such as the “Crazy Maki Roll.” It comes with octopus, spicy shrimp, jalapenos, lettuce, cucumber, and a spicy sauce.

Prefer something a little more adventurous? Check out the “Smoky Samurai,” which comes with cream cheese, crab meat, avocado, and smoked salmon. The entire roll is deep-fried and topped with bonito flakes, snow crab, and unagi sauce. Now, THAT’S a meal.

All in all, Cho Sushi in Shorewood offers a truly enticing taste experience for sushi lovers everywhere. If you’d like to live near restaurants like it, consider making HighPoint Community Apartments your new home. For more information or to schedule a tour of our luxurious living spaces, contact us today.

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