Have A Fantastic Cinema Experience At IPIC Bolingbrook

A bar at IPIC Bolingbrook, a dine-in theater in Illinois.

Have you ever attended a performance at a dine-in theater? If not, here’s your chance. This spring, check out IPIC Bolingbrook, which offers an intriguing mix of fine dining and entertainment. Watching an IPIC movie is like enjoying a big-screen selection in your living room, only better. You’ll relax in sumptuous, reclining chairs and dine on gourmet delicacies and free popcorn. Pillows and blankets will also be available to keep you comfortable throughout your viewing experience.

All About IPIC Bolingbrook

For your convenience, IPIC Bolingbrook is located just 15 minutes from HighPoint Community Apartments. It’s one of the best destination theaters in Illinois, wrapping visitors in luxury as they enjoy a state-of-the-art all-digital experience. In fact, this theater is so spectacular that you don’t even need to watch a movie to enjoy your visit.

You’ll love the upscale lobby area, but the billiards tables will soon draw your attention. You may decide to rack up and shoot a few balls. Next, you may find yourself gravitating towards the bar where you can order a drink. If you like, take your drink to one of the luxurious lounges and relax in style.

IPIC Bolingbrook also caters to corporate bookings, birthday celebrations, and private screening parties. Check out the private and corporate packages to choose the right setup for your event.

Round Out Your Cinema Experience With Great Menu Selections 

When you’re ready for that movie, you can carry your drink into the theater. To satisfy your appetite, you can also select from a menu that includes comfort foods such as warm pretzels, sweet potato fries, warm cheddar drop biscuits, and buttermilk fried chicken.

You can also order gourmet pizzas, salads, entrees, and desserts. Popular entrees include tandoori chicken skewers, hot pepper calamari fritti, Chef Jimmy Shaw’s shrimp tacos, and Southern bird (fried chicken breast with onions, pimento cheese, and spicy buffalo mayonnaise). For dessert, try banana pudding pie, chocolate pudding parfait, or red velvet cake.

As can be seen, IPIC Bolingbrook is the perfect entertainment escapade. If you’ve never visited a dine-in theater, you’ll want to check out this luxurious establishment.

For more information about the IPIC experience and other recreational venues in the area, contact us. We’d love to show you how living at HighPoint Community Apartments can add more excitement to your life!

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