Green Living: 3 Tips For Managing A Bamboo Palm

bamboo plant

We all know that keeping plants in an interior space has a lot of benefits. Plants provide fresh air and also help scrub away allergens and dust so you can breathe easier. They also help to fight against dryness, keeping you hydrated and healthy. Bamboo palms are an ideal houseplant for your HighPoint Community apartments. Here’s how to take care of your bamboo palm so that it thrives:


If you want a plant to help keep your air clean, then the bamboo palm is going to be the plant for you. According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, a study done by NASA indicated that the bamboo palm was one of the best indoor plants in terms of its effects on your environment. Even better, though, the bamboo palm is also particularly well-adjusted for interior life. You simply need to keep the following bamboo palm care tips in mind.


Plants need light in order to make food for themselves, but unlike a lot of plants, the bamboo palm operates best in indirect sunlight. According to SFGate, you want to be certain your bamboo palm is under an awning (if it’s being planted outside), or behind a loose curtain that’s meant to cut glare if it’s inside. This stops it from getting too much sun, getting dried out, or getting burned. And if you’re placing it in a window, ideally you want to have a south-facing window to be sure it gets a majority of the light it needs throughout the day.


As Hunker points out, the bamboo palm’s natural environment are shady forests in central and northeastern Mexico. That’s why it prefers to have diffuse sunlight, but it’s also why it needs to stay moist instead of wet. Over-watering this plant can be a real problem. Generally speaking, if the soil is moist then it has all the water it needs for the time being. It will need more water during its active growing seasons (spring and summer) but that need will taper off during the fall and winter.

Also, if you’re keeping it inside, make sure you keep it away from places where it will get dried out… specifically out of the direct path of vents. The constant flow of air can wreak havoc on a bamboo palm, and lead to serious problems.


While it may not need as much water or direct sunlight as many indoor plants do, the bamboo palm can attract dust and bugs if you don’t watch for them. As part of your bamboo palm maintenance, make sure you regularly inspect it for dust and insects. Rinsing the palm off (in the shower when it’s smaller, or with a spray bottle when it’s bigger and no longer quite as mobile) is key to making sure it doesn’t get clogged with dust and other particles. In addition to semi-regular rinsing, it’s also important to keep an eye on the leaves. Be sure to prune them when they start turning brown. It’s better to prune and regrow than it is to hope you can nurse sickly parts back to health!

If you follow these tips, you should have a plant that thrives. For more information about our beautiful apartments, simply contact us today!

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