Enjoy a Day of Fun and Education at The Forest Preserve District

Happy family walking along a path in the woods

The Forest Preserve District offers so much for families and nature lovers. There are trails, picnic areas, camping, kayaking, a playground, and much more. Although a simple day trip will provide a full day of fun, there are also tons of ongoing special events.


The Forest Preserve District Events Calendar

Food Truck Friday

Food trucks and nature — there is nothing better! On June 1st, head over to the recreation area in Hammel Woods to enjoy the many flavors of our local food trucks. There will also be many activities to participate in, a view to enjoy, and you can hit the trails before or after your tasty meal.

Historic Farm Walk

The following Sunday, June 3rd, register for the historic farm walk. This is especially great for younger children. You will be touring the farm buildings, vegetable gardens, and visit the egg-laying hens. Afterward, fresh lemonade will be served, and you can enjoy some live music. This is a great way to spend a Sunday in nature.

Volunteer Workday

Interested in investing some of your time in the Forest Preserve District? Sunday, June 10th, volunteer your time to clean up the area. You will also meet other nature lovers, enjoy being outdoors, and provide a valuable service to the community. Be sure to register so that enough supplies will be available to all participants!

Be sure to keep up with the calendar of events for more fun activities! Additionally, you can visit the park for hiking, biking, jogging, and so much more.


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