Create a Patio Garden at The Fields on Caton Farm

miling happy woman displaying a pink hydrangea plant that she has selected from amongst the plants on display at a nursery as she crouches amongst the potted houseplants

It’s wonderful to relax on the patio on beautiful summer days. There, you can enjoy the crisp morning air and luxuriate in the emerging warmth of the day. If you’re like many of us, the porch is one of your favorite places.

But, what if we told you that you could infuse color and beauty into your porch area with very little effort? At The Fields on Caton Farm, the staff believes that growing your own container garden shouldn’t be an ordeal. In fact, locals adore everything about this innovative garden center. So, head on over and discover why Midwest Living Magazine calls it “one of the most memorable garden centers in the Midwest.”

What The Fields On Caton Farm Offer You

This 40-year-old family-owned farm is surrounded by 210 acres of sprawling nursery land. Additionally, it’s connected to a lush 5-acre walking garden. There, patrons can see plants in their natural setting before they decide on a purchase. The expert staff at The Fields can even help you pick out the right plants and containers for your patio. The most important thing to consider in making your purchase is the amount of sunlight your patio receives. If your porch gets six or more hours of light a day, it’s in the full sunshine category. All things considered, most of our porches fall into the partial sun category.

More Attractions At The Fields On Caton Farm

Patrons love to pause and unwind after they are finished shopping. They delight in strolling through the walking gardens for inspiration and relaxation. Patrons also enjoy visiting the landscape and hardscape design center. There, they delight in seeing how different plants and design elements work together to create harmonious landscapes.

Additionally, the beautiful on-site gardens host several exciting events throughout the summer. The Yoga in the Garden series runs through August 18th. Each beginner’s class is only $12 per person. So, bring your mat and a water bottle and soak up some rays in the great outdoors. You’ll love it! Meanwhile, the Farm holds the popular Art in the Garden exhibits annually. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the breadth of local talent on display. Remember to check the website for future announcements!

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