Experience The Outdoors At Its Best At Volunteer Park

White-crowned sparrow perched on a branch, watching other birds in Volunteer Park.

If you’d like to get out and enjoy nature in winter, look no further than nearby Volunteer Park. This popular local spot is located just minutes from HighPoint Community Apartments.┬áThe park sits on 42 acres of land and has convenient parking, as well.

Choose From A Wide Range Of Activities

Volunteer Park is loved by the Romeoville community because it’s a versatile space. You’ll love the large, sunny open areas and clean facilities. The parking lot and ball field light poles have also undergone recent renovations.

For something different, bundle up and try the nine-hole disc golf course. Bring a couple of disc golf Frisbees, and try to throw them into the wire baskets. Disc golf is played much like traditional golf. However, discs, rather than balls and clubs, are used. This course is great for disc golf beginners, as the terrain is quite flat.

Connect With Nature

You can also enjoy walking one of the trails during your visit to the park. These trails are popular with local photographers, geocaching fans, and bird watchers. Popular Illinois birds, such as white-crowned sparrows, yellow-rumped warblers, and several varieties of finches nest here during the winter season.

Plenty Of Room to Play Outdoors

Volunteer Park is a great place to occupy both adults and kids of all ages. The playground and skate park are available even during the colder months. After a snowfall, cross-country skiers flock to the open areas for a bit of cross-country fun. These open spaces are also great for building snowmen or snow forts.

Youth sports are undeniably popular at Volunteer Park. There are several ball fields used by local teams for baseball, soccer, and softball. During the winter, youth teams use these fields for informal football and soccer games. It’s a fun, healthy diversion for both adults and teens during the holidays.

As can be seen, the Romeoville area offers many activities aimed at all interests, including museums, restaurants and recreational parks. For more information about renting a luxurious apartment equipped with all the latest amenities, contact us. Join our active community, and have the time of your life!

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