See Exotic Animals At The Brookfield Zoo In 2018

Feeding the giraffe at the zoo.

Are you an animal lover or nature enthusiast? If so, you’ll love the Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo. It’s an easy drive from HighPoint Apartments and a fun destination for all.

The zoo is currently home to 450 species of animals and welcomes more than 2 million guests annually. Additionally, it’s located on a spacious 216 acre nature preserve and is open all year round.

Want to know a fascinating fact? When the zoo opened to the public in 1934, it gained worldwide attention for using moats and ditches (instead of cages) to separate the animals from visitors.

So, if you’re ready for exciting discoveries, head on over to the Brookfield Zoo this summer!

Popular Main Exhibits

The Clouded Leopard Rain Forest – This exciting exhibit features the typical sights, sounds, and smells of an Asian rain-forest. Visitors will see fishing cats, Prevost’s squirrels, and popcorn-scented binturongs.

The Regenstein Wolf Woods – At this exhibit, you’ll see Mexican gray wolves. These fascinating animals have an acute sense of hearing and excellent sense of smell. They travel in packs and are formidable hunters. At Brookfield Zoo, visitors can see these majestic animals through a one-way viewing glass. The Brookfield Zoo is one out of 55 zoos nationally that houses this endangered wolf species.

The Australia House – At this exhibit, you’ll delight in some of Australia’s most fascinating creatures. You can watch hairy-nosed wombats burrowing into the ground or catch fruit bats flying overhead. Look up at the trees, and you could spot an emerald tree boa wrapped around a branch.

Penguin Encounters

If you love sea-life, then you’ll want to set aside some time for this fun activity. Essentially, you get to mingle with fascinating Humboldt penguins for at least 45 minutes. What a great experience! A penguin keeper starts off the encounter with a brief information session. You’ll learn penguin facts and basics about interacting safely with the penguins. Then, a second keeper will arrive with the birds. You get to pet the penguins and interact with them freely.

Trivia Night (August 25th)

The zoo also hosts an array of events such as Trivia Night. Teams can have up to six participants each, and the evening also includes drinks, music, and visits from animal ambassadors. So, if you think you have a firm grasp of the animal kingdom, order your tickets online. Then, make sure you’re at the Pavilions by 6 pm.

The Brookfield Zoo is just one of the many attractions near our HighPoint apartment community. So,if you’re looking for a place to call home, contact us. We can arrange a tour and tell you more about what our community has to offer you.

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