Enjoy Geocaching at These Will County Forest Preserves

A group of friends hiking at one of the most popular Will County Forest Preserves.

Are you looking for a new hobby? If so, you may enjoy geocaching. Known as the world’s largest treasure hunt, it’s where you use a GPS to find a cache full of goodies. There are about two million geocaches hidden around the globe. They usually consist of small metal or plastic containers that can withstand the elements. If you would like to enjoy an afternoon of geocaching, head to one of these Will County Forest Preserves near HighPoint Community Apartments to discover everything from sour candies to small knickknacks:

McKinley Woods

Spanning 525 acres, McKinley Woods protects an array of habitats ranging from wetlands to forest. It’s home to queen snakes, native plants, and nearly 100 bird species. Visitors can geocache along the natural surface trails, which also welcome hikers, snowshoers, and cross-country skiers. The paths stretch 0.56 miles and connect to 1.75 miles of paved trails to offer a longer adventure.

Theodore Marsh

Restored in 2000, Theodore Marsh is a stunning preserve with smooth blue asters and other colorful blooms. The preserve also offers access to the Rock Run Greenway Trail and Joliet Junction Trail. Combined, they offer a sixteen-mile loop path perfect for an array of activities. Geocachers can enjoy a challenging outing here, and they never know what unique treasures they’ll find.


Step back in time at Laughton. This unique preserve offers an array of cultural resources, including a remnant of the historic Twelve Mile Grove and the Wallingford Settlement. Here, geocachers can wander through a scenic forest habitat, as they search closely for hidden caches.

All in all, these Will County Forest Preserves offer plenty of options for aspiring geocachers. If you’d like to live in a central location that offers you access to these natural landscapes, consider making HighPoint Community Apartments your new home.

Along with these forest preserves, our Romeoville apartments are also located near renowned shopping and dining destinations. To call our community home, contact us today. We will arrange a tour so you can see everything we have to offer.

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