Enjoy a Virtual Tour of Chicago’s Oriental Institute

Founded in 1919, the Oriental Institute is a leading research center featuring artifacts from the ancient Middle East.

Once known as the Orient, the Middle East boasts many ancient mysteries that continue to capture the human imagination. Presently, the museum features 350,000 artifacts that highlight the region’s civilizations. The institute’s archaeologists uncovered many of the well-preserved artifacts you’ll see.

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Doing Business in the Ancient World

Many modern elements of conducting business originated in the ancient Middle East. One of the objects you’ll see in this exhibit includes a cylinder seal with modern design. Cities used such seals to collect formal signatures from important stakeholders. Each unique seal pointed to a particular dignitary. Once the clay dried on a seal, it became tamper-proof.


Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics to depict plants, animals, and objects from the real world. All hieroglyphics were drawn by hand, and this exhibit highlights the unique art created over the centuries. In addition to their noteworthy inscriptions, these exhibits also displayed aesthetic qualities that have impressed art connoisseurs throughout the ages.

Papyrus Milbank

Created around the second century B.C., the papyrus of Irtyuru turned up at a Cairo antique shop in 1919. Thereafter, the Oriental Institute purchased it and carefully preserved it under glass. Before being cut, the roll spanned over 33 feet long and a foot high. The Papyrus Milbank exhibit highlights this unique work and allows viewers to explore its fascinating contents.

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