Lemont’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival

Irish dancers participate at the annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade

St Patrick’s Day is the ultimate celebration of Irish heritage in the United States. If you’re looking for a great way to celebrate, be sure to check out nearby Lemont’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival. This exciting event is just a short drive from HighPoint Community Apartments!   St. Patrick’s Day and Lemont: A […]

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Resolutions 2018: Healthy Living in Romeoville

Cropped shot of a young woman enjoying a bottle of water while out for a run

Every year, we promise to eat healthier, get more active, and take up new hobbies or sports. But it can be challenging to know where to start. Thankfully, healthy living in Romeoville is easy with lots of opportunities to make improvements to our health in 2018. Get a head start on the new year by […]

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Spend New Year’s Eve with the Rat Pack

Mysterious artist singing

2017 is almost over, and we hope that you are as excited about 2018 as we are. If you’re still looking to nail down those New Year’s Eve plans, we’ve got just the thing. Get dolled up and spend your New Year’s Eve with the¬†Rat Pack, or at least, the realistic, live recreation¬†of the group! […]

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