3 Virtual Activities Hosted by the White Oak Library in Romeoville

woman reading a book at home

The White Oak Library in Romeoville is one of the best resources for anyone looking to entertain themselves, create, or learn something new. Thanks to the library’s tireless efforts to provide many of their programs and services online, you can now enjoy a variety of activities from the comfort of our Romeoville apartments. Here are […]

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3 Popular Historical Fiction E-Books At The White Oak Library

On a warm summer afternoon, curl up with a great read that’s both entertaining and educational. Historical fiction brings history to life with great characters in richly-detailed settings. Here are three novels that you can enjoy while relaxing at home in our Romeoville apartments. They are all available for download from the local White Oak […]

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Enjoy a Virtual Tour of Chicago’s Oriental Institute

Founded in 1919, the Oriental Institute is a leading research center featuring artifacts from the ancient Middle East. Once known as the Orient, the Middle East boasts many ancient mysteries that continue to capture the human imagination. Presently, the museum features 350,000 artifacts that highlight the region’s civilizations. The institute’s archaeologists uncovered many of the […]

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