3 Great Reasons To Explore The Morton Arboretum

Blooming flowers at The Morton Arboretum.

Many choice activities await residents in Romeoville. However, if you’re looking to enjoy nature, there are few options that can compare to the Morton Arboretum. Located less than 30 minutes north of HighPoint Community Apartments, this lush natural preserve boasts over 1700 acres of woodlands, wetlands, and prairies. You’ll be able to jog, hike, and explore the surroundings to your heart’s content. Below, we list 3 of our favorite reasons for visiting.

Fresh Air

In our modern world, it can be a challenge to find a pristine green space in which to relax and contemplate nature’s greatness. However, the Morton Arboretum creates exactly that kind of space for you. With over 222,000 live plants onsite, the air at the Arboretum just smells fresher and cleaner.

Great Events

The Morton Arboretum boasts a packed calendar with year-round events to suit every taste. One of our favorites is the Troll Hunt featuring 6 giant troll sculptures visitors can search for in the park. The arboretum also holds culinary events, ethnic festivals, tram tours, and live music events.

Fantastic Learning Opportunities

Conservation is a major focus at The Morton Arboretum, so it’s no surprise that it offers an array of educational programs on this topic. Take a course in nature photography, learn some outdoor skills, or enroll in one of several gardening courses. Whatever your interest, Morton Arboretum has the perfect learning opportunity for you.

All in all, The Morton Arboretum offers great value for your time. Best of all, it’s only one of many exciting cultural destinations nearby, many of which are highlighted on our blog. So, if you find yourself thinking that this may be the perfect place to call home, contact us today. We’ll arrange a personalized tour of our vibrant apartment community and show you our incredible amenities!

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