Shop For Unique Ingredients At These Specialty Food Stores In The Romeoville Area

A happy senior couple shopping at one of the best specialty food stores in the Romeoville area.

Sometimes, cooking can be an adventure and the kitchen a happy refuge for culinary experimentation. Undeniably, the big name supermarkets are great for one-stop shopping. However, they often lack the exotic choices and personalized customer service provided by neighborhood specialty shops. So, we invite you to check out these specialty food stores in the Romeoville area, where the mundane is forgotten and the extraordinary begins.

Jofen Oriental Food & Fresh Market

Jofen Oriental Food & Fresh Market is a family-owned food market specializing in Asian, African, and Filipino products. The shop offers fresh and frozen seafood, produce, and a great selection of ethnic dried foods. You can also purchase hot take-out Filipino savory dishes here.

Jofen Oriental keeps its prices competitive and portions large. Filipino baked goods like hopia, mocha cakes, as well as caramelized bananas will satisfy your urge for a sweet treat. Meanwhile, egg rolls and hot chicken wings are also on the menu if you prefer to choose from more traditional options. If you’re having a party, be sure to order from Jofen Oriental’s catering menu.

Euro Homeland Deli

Euro Homeland Deli is a Romeoville gem with a can-do attitude and knack for preparing delicious Polish cuisine. The compact shop stocks a good selection of canned Polish goods and beer. What’s more, the savory aromas will remind you of Grandma’s kitchen as soon as you walk in the door.

The deli features an incredible selection of spicy meats and cheeses. There are also ready-to-go home-cooked ethnic dishes you can carry out and heat up for dinner. The deli offers an extensive catering menu that’s perfect for large gatherings. You’ll find meat and cheese trays, salads, soups, and assorted cake trays, perfect for festive occasions!

Franconi’s Italian Grocery

Franconi’s Italian Grocery is a beacon of Italian hospitality. The store has an upscale feel with high ceilings and a bright atmosphere. Without fail, owner Rick DiPego makes sure all customers are treated like family. Looking for ingredients for your Italian dish? You’ll find jars of succulent stuffed olives, deli meats, cheeses, and spicy sausages here.

Fresh-baked goods like bread and Italian cannoli fill the air with tantalizing aromas when you walk in. You’ll definitely want to sip a cup of strong roasted coffee while you shop.

Franconi’s also hosts a number of cooking demonstrations and wine tastings at its sister restaurant, Fat Ricky’s. Both venues have quickly become Romeoville treasures over the years.

All in all, these specialty food stores in the Romeoville area offer great value for your money. Additionally, the city is a fantastic place to call home. HighPoint Community Apartments offers spacious apartments in a convenient location with the best in amenities. For more information or to arrange a personalized tour, contact us today.

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